ProduzioneOil quality plays an important role from the time of harvesting. It depends not only on the agronomic choices applied to olive trees, but also on the awareness of possible risk factors arising from the transformation process of olives. That is why, in RITA Società Agricola, we closely monitor all the activities and carefully select our partners to ensure that our oil meets the needs of increasingly sophisticated palates.
Our olives are harvested from October to December with the method of "brucatura" by hand to preserve the integrity of the drupes and are stored in perforated plastic boxes to ensure a better ventilation and to avoid useless fermentation. The extraction process begins within 12 hours from the harvest. It includes crushing, one of the most delicate phases in oil production, mixing and separation. The type of mill we have chosen works in a two-phase continuous process, at an optimum temperature for the preservation of the organoleptic properties. The oil is stored in rooms under controlled temperature in nitrogenated stainless steel containers, and it is bottled after a short period of settling time.