StoriaThe first Bellini's olive groves date back to one century ago. Francesco, the fourth of seven brothers, started to be fond of the countryside in his childhood but it is only after finishing his Notary studies that he decided to dedicate part of his time to the rural life and, by acquiring new land, to increase the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil.
It is Carlo, who is also in love with the Sabine area and has inherited a deep passion for the centuries-old tree and its precious liquid, who continues in his father's ancient family business with dedication and passion, expanding the parental estate until the creation, in 2005, of what it is now RITA Società Agricola, an estate full of olive groves and vineyards.
The brand "Bellini" was born only in 2010 from the joint idea of Chiara, Cristina and Benedetta to enhance the estate and the land. Driven by their father's entrepreneurial spirit and their skilled and dynamic team, each one contributes to the design and implementation of projects, initiatives and activities aimed at making the Bellini's oil a way of being, an ingredient of life in all its facets.